Sunday, September 21, 2014

31DC2014 Day 21 - Inspired By A Color

Because I had my water marble "gear" on my table and some time to kill I did another water marble for this day's prompt which is inspired by a color.
As you've maybe guessed if you have followed me for some time I really like pastels and bright colors and my favorite colors at the moment are mint green and pink so I thought I would take inspiration from that and do a water marble with them.

There are two types of pink in there but as I used Acid Watermelon also as base the other one kind of blended in. These are much brighter in person, my camera could not handle this masterpiece ;)
Here are a "few" photos.

Polishes used:
L'Oreal - Acid Watermelon
Maybelline Color Show - Tropink
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Kelp Yourself

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  1. Your nails are super fun. I have been thinking of trying marble nail out but haven't yet. I'm your newest follower. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    1. Thank you so much Amy! Water marble can be tricky but it's super fun ;) Thank you for the follow and hopefully you'll like my nail art!

  2. Gorgeous marble, I am in love with your colour choice. I don't see many marbles with colours like this but I think it looks absolutely amazing :) xx

    1. Thank you, I did a lot of tests and was so happy that my two favorite colors worked well together in the water.