Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Holiday Watercolor Nails

I recently joined an group on Facebook called She Who Does Nail Art Challenges and this is my first time participating, the theme of this week is Holidays.

Last Thursday was the first day of summer here in Iceland we celebrate it as a holiday, it was snowing but that is said to be a good sign because when that happens we believe we will have a warm and sunny summer,  its the last day of school tomorrow so my holiday is a summer :) 
I was trying to get some sort of grass like nail effect but that failed miserably but I still 
hope it qualifies for the nail challenge...

I followed this tutorial: No Mess Watercolor Nail Tutorial
This is the first time trying this technique so go easy on me.

My left hand.

My right hand.

The biggest problem I have is my camera, it isn't very good and I'm battling to find a good setting to take macro pictures of my nails but the camera is moody, some days it's all blurry and won't focus and other days it won't show the colors correctly, well I've had it for at least five years so maybe it's not that weird its not doing so well anymore.

For base color I used Essie - Mint Candy Apple, then Klean Color - Bikini Green, Klean Color - Neon Green and on my accent nail and thumb on the left hand I added Misa - Blame it on fat tuesday but not on the right hand for some reason I can't remember and lastly added Seche Vite top coat. I wish I had added Blame it on fat tuesday to all my nails as it is slightly darker and gives the design a little more depth, but I'm still pretty happy about it.

  Gleðilegt sumar!!
Síðasti skóladagur á morgun og þá er ég komin í SUMARFRÍ!! Halelúja!! Og í tilefni þess ákvað ég að gera neglurnar mínar sumarlegar. Myndavélin mín er orðin ansi gömul og höndlar ekki alveg að taka macro myndir :( Langar svo í nýja....

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cult Nails Flash Sale Is Now!!!!

Cult nails are having a flash sale through Monday.
More info here.

Go check it out!!

My Facebook Page needs a few likes, its so sad with only 6 likes :(

Watched too many episodes of Stargate?? Not possible!!

My geekiness has no bounds, when I am watching a movie or TV series I find it so fun to recognize some of the actors from something else and then I go to IMDB and Wikipedia and research the crap out of it. Then I have this uncontrolable need to tell somebody about my discovery, even though the person has no idea what I'm even talking about.
At the moment I'm watching Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis at the same time (expert (my brother) tells me I have to watch them simultaneously for better understanding of the two) and have been recognizing many actors who are playing small parts in the series. 
So to tell SOMEONE of my discoveries and maybe find a few who are interested in this I decided to blog about this obsession of mine.

This is Adam Baldwin who played Jayne Cobb in Firefly.

He plays in two episodes of Stargate SG-1 and apparently doesn't like his kids very much.

Do you know who this is?? 
It's Cory Monteith from Glee (love that show). He plays a minor role in one episode of Stargate Atlantis!! And according to IMDB he also appears in one Stargate SG-1 episode which I haven't seen yet. I can't remember seeing him in anything else that Glee so I was a little surprised to see him in a Sci-Fi series.

Do you remember the show Who's Line Is It Anyway?? Love it and still watch it from time to time.
The goofy looking Wayne Brady is hilarious.
This is how I remember him:

And this is how he is in Stargate SG-1:

Pretty scary!!!

Well happy Saturday everybody!! Cheers.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hand Creams and moisturizers

This is the last week of school and I'm on overload to get everything finished before I turn in sketchbooks and diaries for evaluation. Can't wait for this to be finished, I love school but I'm getting really tired.

Today I'm gonna show you what hand creams I use. I have pretty dry hands so I always have at least one tube of hand cream with me. 
These are the ones I have and use at the moment.

Atrix Intensive Protection Cream with Camomile - Works okay but I feel like it doesn't absorb well into the skin so I get grease stains everywhere. I do not particularly like the scent but I read on their page that they do also make perfume free ones.
Alessandro Love you! Limited Edition Hand Cream - LOVE the scent, description says it has pomegranate scent, I have no idea how pomegranates smell but that is the main reason why I bought this. For me its not moisturizing enough though, it gives my hands some moisture but if they are really dry this one doesn't do it.
Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream - Is my heavy duty moisturizer, it says you can use it on your face and body but I use it only as a hand cream. This one has worked well for me but is a bit oily so I use it only in worst cases. It has the classic Nivea smell which doesn't bother me that much.
Time and Again Hand therapy cream - mistletoe kiss is its name and is from a Christmas collection.  I got it not last Christmas but the one after that so I couldn't find it online, but I linked back to their site. I haven't used it very much (forgot I had it) but I like it and the scent is really nice and you don't "have" to use it only in December. Santa wont be mad.... I think.... o.O

Hope this is informative to someone, otherwise I'm just.... Oh I don't know... Couldn't find anything funny to say there....
But anyway, I'm always looking for good hand and cuticle moisturizer so please tell me what is your favorite.

Síðasta vikan í skólanum og ég get ekki beðið eftir að þetta klárist, finnst hrikalega gaman í skólanum en núna má sumarfríið koma!

Ég nota mikið handáburði því ég er oft með rosalega þurrar hendur og þeir sem ég á og er að nota í augnablikinu eru : Atrix Intensive Protection Cream, keypti hann held ég bara ódýrt í Bónus, líkar ekkert rosalega vel við hann, verð of fitug á höndunum, plús mér finnst lyktin ekki góð. Alessandro Love you! hand cream keypti ég í Apótekaranum. Það er unaðsleg lykt af honum og það er eiginlega ástæðan fyrir því að ég keypti hann. Er ekki viss um að hann sé til lengur. Nivea Soft er líka keyptur í Bónus ef ég man rétt, þessi er rosa góður þegar ég er með mikinn handa þurrk. Time and Again Hand therapy cream keypti ég í búð á Akureyri sem heitir Bakgarðurinn og vil staðhæfa svo stórt að þetta sé flottasta búðin á landinu. ;) 

En jæja, aftur sný ég mér að lærdómsbóknunum... Over and out... 

Friday, April 19, 2013

A trip to the vet..

Had to take my cat to the vet today, I saw him licking a ugly wound and by the look of it it was infected.
So off we drove to the vet. He got a dose of antibiotics and a funnel thingy around his neck so he couldn't lick the wound.

He is NOT liking it but I find it hilarious :p he bumps into everything and then he stops, backs away and then bumps into it again
His name is Lakkris

This he has to have around his neck for the next 5 days, as you can probably see he is not a happy camper.

His name is Belgur

I can almost see my other cat is enjoying this a little bit

Oh the poor fellow, getting major pity points from me and hoping to get more through the internet, he knows how to work the crowd to his advantage.

He is the Godfather around here.

But he wont be getting any from him who is secretly laughing at him for having to go to the vet and coming back with this cone on his head ;)

Þurfti að taka Lakkrís köttinn minn til dýralæknis í dag, hann hafði lent í slagsmálum og fengið sár sem hann hætti ekki að sleikja og var komin sýking í það.
Greyið fékk sýklalyf í sprautuformi og töflur sem ég þarf að gefa honum næstu 5 daga.
Svo var látin trekt um hálsin á honum svo hann færi ekki að sleikja sárið, hann er sko ekki sáttur.. Svo sit ég og veltist um af hlátri, hann labbar á veggi og dót og hefur enga sjón útundan sér..
Svo labbar hann á, bakkar og labbar svo á aftur :P Pínu hilarious.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My watermarble Evolution

I have a feeling that my blog posts will consist mostly of nail art and polish o.O But that's OK because I like doing my nails and I don't have many people to show it to so the internet will be my people :)

I got obsessed with nail polish a few years ago when I started reading a blog called My Simple Little Pleasures.
Colette is her name and she does extraordinary watermarble nail art, of course I had to try this and got mixed results.
 The first one I did with a friend and it wasn't that bad, we just didn't have that many polishes to work with and the clean up was a bit of a mess

My next one on the other hand (pun probably not intended) was a bloody mess:
I used three colors (mistake, beginner's start with two), blue, pink and orange, there seems to be purple there but I think I didn't use purple, and all shimmers (also a mistake).

If I remember correctly:
Pink: OPI - Be a Dahlia Wont You (one of my all time favorite)
Blue: Hello Kitty - Lola Maree (also one of my favorites)
Orange: Hello Kitty - Gaby Cherie 

After this catastrophe I started to experiment with different kinds of nail polish to see how they react in the water and what did not go together and after that I started to get the hang of it
Right hand, excuse the state of my cuticles.

Left hand and a few mishaps.
With minor mistakes, I am and was happy with the outcome :)
Polishes used:
Yellow: OPI - Need Sunglasses?
Orange/Watermelon Red: OPI - Cajun Shrimp

And another which I'm proud of
Well done cleanup-wise but my cuticles are a mess.
Polishes used:
Pink: Alessandro - Ice Cream Bar Strawberry/Mint
Green: Alessandro - Ice Cream Bar Lime/Vanilla

It's been awhile since I did these and I've done many since but I always forget to take pictures.
I have to start remembering..
Have you tried this? How did it go? Was it as messy as mine at first?

Another element this blog will probably have a lot of: Cats!
Cats playing Chess. Your argument is invalid...

Ég er með þráhyggju fyrir naglalökkum, og það byrjaði út af þessu bloggi: My Simple Little Pleasures, stelpan sem er með þessa síðu er snillingur í öllu sem viðkemur naglalökkum.
Eitt af því flottasta sem hún gerir er eitthvað sem er kallað watermarble, veit ekki alveg hvað það gæti heitið á íslensku en það snýst út á það að láta naglalakk í vatn og dífa svo nöglunum í vatnið og þá ertu komin með svona sérstakt mynstur.
Eins og þið sjáið á efstu myndunum þá tókst mér ekki sérlega vel til í fyrstu tilraunum en eftir fleiri tilraunir þá tókst mér að gera nokkrar fallegar :)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Summer is CANCELED. Deal With It!

Colorful Cupcake Cat on Facebook it would be awesome if you would go and like it for me :) Free smiles for everyone :)

The weather has not been my friend lately, this is the view from my window, we are so not amused 

Meet Lakkris ( Liquorice) my cat, he is the happiest cat in the world, even he found this depressing

To compensate I painted my nails with Cult Nails - Deal With It
I'm not the best photo capturing person in the world but I did get the nice golden shimmer 
to show up on the photo.

It's a gorgeous color, don't you think?

I'm Linking with Le Chateau des Fleurs

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Feeding the Nail Polish Monster with Cult Nails!!

I love nail polish!! 
So much it has become an obsession.
I try to restrain myself from buying every kind of nail polish I see and more than not it works, but sometimes I let myself feed The Polish Monster.
There are limited brands you can get where I live, you don't get China Glaze, Color Club, Misa or Essie polishes here in Iceland and many other indie or big brands either, so if you want them you have to look for sites on the internet or ebay to get them and even then most sites won't ship to Iceland.
I've had my eyes on Cult Nails for a long time, reading about them on blogs and drooling over their site, so I decided to e-mail them and ask if it was possible for them to ship to Iceland and the answer I got was: 

We have not shipped to Iceland before, but I have added this to the locations we now ship to.  

YAY for Cult Nails!!!
I decided that this would be The Polish Monsters monthly offering.
So I made a purchase with them and after 8 days I got my package :)

Everything looked so nice and neat when I opened it!!

Love how well they packaged the polish!

Captivated - Charlatan - Deal With It
These pictures don't get the colors quite right...

Captivated is the red with coral/orange and irridescent round glitter in it, it's almost like it's on fire!!!
Charlatan is technically a top coat, its pink/blue/purple shimmer, you put it over any polish and it will transform your nails into shimmery sparkliness (that must be a valid description).
Deal With It (my favorite) is lime green with golden shimmer in it, so bright and fun!!

Kudos to Cult Nails who ship WORLDWIDE!!

It started snowing yesterday, I'm in denial about it. I don't see why summer can't begin!!
So my summer starts.... NOW!!!

Ég ákvað að panta mér naglalökk af netinu frá litlu fyrir tæki sem heitir Cult Nails
Dansaði af kæti útúr póstinum og fór og reif upp pakkann þegar ég kom heim!
Ég þurfti á þessu að halda því ég er ennþá sár við veðurguðina sem komu með snjóinn í gær...

Bought with my own money. Not sponsored.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So I'm watching Stargate SG-1 for the first time and on season 6 right now.
What I find quite funny is when Colonel Maybourn says Jack O'neill's name, difficult to explane but its like he is hovering on the letter a in Jack's name.....

I couldn't find the right scene but here he says his name a few times :p

No wonder Jack wants to:

Does anyone share this obsession with me??

Stargate þættirnir eru góð skemmtun!
Hefur einhver tekið eftir því hvernig Colonel Mayborune segir nafnið Jack??
Það er eitthvað kinkí við það :p

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Favorite Perfume

This is my favorite smell of all time, I've gone through two bottles but unfortunately I can't find it ANYWHERE !!

Morgan De Toi - Love

And now I'm stuck, I want to find a new perfume I can use but nothing compares to this one, so I give up before I start!!
Despair! Where is the world going?? Why are we here?? Is anybody safe!
First world problem no. 3.

Besta ilmvatn í heimi!! Er búin með tvær krukkur af þessari yndislegu ávaxta lykt en þegar ég fór svo að leita að þessu aftur þá er þetta hvergi til lengur :( Sumar búðir vilja ekki einu sinni kannast við þetta ilmvatn. Hvert er heimurinn eiginlega að fara?? Þegar maður getur ekki keypt uppáhalds ilmvatnið sitt þá er fátt annað öruggt!! -.- o.O

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Confetti nails

Yesterday I bought L’Oreal Top Coat Confettis and of course I had to try it!!

Green polish: Alessandro Ice Cream Bar - Lime/Vanilla
Pink polish: Alessandro Ice Cream Bar - Strawberry/Mint
Black/White glitter: L’Oreal Top Coat Confettis. It has black and white hexagonal round glitter in two sizes,  has tiny microglitter in it as well but you can't see that on the picture. 
Over all I love it except I put another layer of Seche Vite top coat because the L’Oreal top coat did't have much shine once it had dried.

Græna naglalakkið: Alessandro með vanillu og lime ilmi.
Bleika lakkið: líka Alessandro með jarðaberja og mintu ilmi.
Hvíta og svarta glimmerið: L’Oreal yfirlakk.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Look what I found!!

Happy happy happy..
I was on my way to buy me dinner and I stopped at a L’Oreal  stand where I saw this:

 L’Oreal Top Coat Confettis - for most of you this is probably nothing but I've been looking through blog post after blog post where people are showing polishes like this, black and white glitter, and I have been pining over them, wanting them ALL! And now I have one!! Yay!! *happy dance*
Now I have to go paint my nails okibye. ;)

Allsstaðar á öllum bloggsíðum blasa við mér glimmer naglalökk með svörtu og  hvítu glimmeri, ég var farin að þrá eitt svoleiðis af mikilli ástríðu og þegar ég sá þetta í Hagkaup fór hjartslátturinn að aukast og adrenalínið að flæða og ekkert annað kom til greina en að kaupa það!!
Ennúnaverðégaðfaraaðnaglalakkamig!!! ;)

Decisions decisions...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Coastal Scents Coat Cosmic Nail Polish

Procrastination is my favorite thing :p
I should be studying now, but I'm not.

A couple of weeks ago I saw this nail polish from Coastal Scents online and I immediately knew I had to have it.
Its a black base with iridescent flakies, if you use it with black base the flakies are mostly green with hints of copper and blue tones, I also tried it with green base and then the dominant flakie color is copper and yellow-y.
It is pretty impressive but I had a few problems with it.


I had to do 4 coats for it to be opaque and even then there where a few bald spots.
When I applied my topcoat there where a few spots that looked like ugly stains mainly near my cuticles,  but before the topcoat there had been none.
But it's still really stunning and I have to try it again when the sun starts to show itself, whenever that will be o.O

Ég keypti þetta naglalakk inni á Það er svart en er með regnbogalituðum flögum... Svolítið erfitt að útskýra, í vissu ljósi eru þær grænar, koparlitaðar eða bláleitar, mjög skemmtilegt, kemur örugglega vel út í sólarljósi.
Ég ætti að vera að læra, een naglalökk eru bara miklu merkilegri í augnablikinu... Hver kannast ekki við svona??

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cravings Vol. 1

A few finds I desperately want but will probably never get... This will be the beginning of a series where I post my internet cravings for make up and more.

Nail Varnish in SpeckleNail Varnish in Mottle
Want, want, want, unfortunately they don't ship to my country so all I can do is watch and admire from afar.

5 Shade Monographic Eye Shadow
So nice :)

Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer Embellished
Oh shiny...

Etude house blusher
Eeek, this is soo cute, heart shaped blusher!!!

Bunny Face Wash

I guarantee this will be the cutest thing you will see today :) Happy Easter.