Saturday, September 20, 2014

31DC2014 Day 20 - Water Marble

It's water marble day!!
I like to do water marbles, I think it's pretty fun but the thing is that it's time consuming and I suck at clean up, my cuticles always end up messy, that's the reason why I don't do them very often.

I love this color combo and I did a gradient using them back in January, you can see that Here.

Polishes used:
American Apparel - Crescent Heights
American Apparel - Peacock

See what I did last year: 31DC2013

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  1. What a nice water marble! The two colors look great together. Love the shot of the design on your thumb.

  2. I love the color combination you used!

    1. Thank you, I almost never use just one of them, I have to use both they are so good together.