Monday, September 1, 2014

31DC2014 Day 1 - Red Nails

This has been overwhelmingly busy summer for me and I kind of fell out of doing my nails and blogging about it, but now I'm going to try to start again and to kick start my nail painting 'mojo' I'm going to participate in a nail art challenge, I also took part in it last year and had a great time.
FAQ and other info on the challenge can be found here.

So the first day starts with red. I made cute little ladybugs.

Polishes used:
OPI - Red Hot Rio
The New Black - Black striping bottle
OPI - Alpine Snow

Want to see what I did last year? Here's the link!

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  1. Lovely! lady bugs are so cute, and congratulations this challenge is really a busy one, I could never do a mani a day!