Thursday, July 4, 2013

OMD 31 Day Challenge, Day 4 - Black And White

And today's theme is Black and White.

Polishes Used:
OPI - Alpine Snow
L'oreal - Confetti Top Coat
Unnamed Black in a skull bottle.

I learned a valuable lesson while doing this manicure, Always put top coat first on white nails then on black nails or else you can get black streaks on the white color.

I have never posted before 4 days in a row so it's kinda hard to try to write about something other than nail related topics, my life just isn't that exciting to write about...
So what should I write about?



  1. This is great! Wonderful design :)

  2. You can write about CATS!! We all love them. lol
    I love this dotted line design. So cool how you did that !

    1. Thank you, I saw this picture of a fancy black and white dress and decided that would be my inspiration. Oh yes cats!! I can talk about cats all day ;)

  3. I love this double dot design!

  4. I really like the dotted nail!! Super cool! I have to try them!!

  5. This is so creative! :) Lovely!

  6. That fringe of dots (for want of a better expression) looks brilliant, great look!
    I've learned that same lesson with red and anything else - after a particularly bad incident where some red ended up in the bottle I now have a separate top coat for red...