Tuesday, July 30, 2013

OMD 31 Day Challenge Day 30 - Favorite Comic Book

Having car troubles today made my day not a very happy one.
So in extreme frustration and tiredness I did my nails.
But the thing about nail art is that it's soothing, kind of therapeutic so when I finished these I felt so much better :)

On to the challenge!
Watchmen is definitely among my favorite comic books, 
though I favor manga over "western" comic books I've read my share of them.
Among my favorites are also Fables, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Marvel 1620, Preacher and Sandman.

Polishes used:
OPI - Alpine Snow
OPI - Need Sunglasses?
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear - Cherry Red
Unnamed black in a skull shaped bottle.

What is your favorite comic book?
Anything I should read?


  1. Love this! I find that doing my nails is relaxing and fun - something people don't understand when they see my collection of polishes. Some people collect stamps or books - I just happen to collect polish!

    1. Thank you and I totally agree, this is my stress relief.

  2. Nice! Looks just like the book cover!

    1. Thank you Jasmine, I had it in front of me while I did this ;)

  3. I love watchmen did you read any of the Before Watchmen series?