Thursday, July 25, 2013

OMD 31 Day Challenge Day 25 - Inspired By A Movie

I haven't been home today so this was done in a hurry and is a really simple one.
Me and my friend are watching all the Harry Potter movies together and because of that I decided to 
take my inspiration from them.

So in the simplest way, here are the house colors.

Polishes used:
Ravenclaw - Maybelline Color Show - Ocean Blue, Barielle - Gelt Me To The Party.
Gryffindor - OPI - Need Sunglasses?, L.A. Girl Fruity - Zesty Citrus, Sally Hansen - Cherry Red.
Slytherin - Make Up Store - Paula, Gosh - Silver.
Hufflepuff - H&M - Lime, Unnamed black polish in skull bottle.

This was done in such a hurry so I could post this on time.

I decided that because we where watching the movies I should read the books again, on book 4 now.

Phew, I made it before midnight!! Yay me!!