Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ruby White Tips - Tanya and OMG... I... DIE... Swatches

I met this wonderful lady Laura in a Facebook group and she offered to send me a few scull shaped polishes (I had been lusting for them forever) and when she told me she had a Etsy shop called Ruby White Tips I couldn't resist buying polishes from her.

This is Tanya.
I put a thin coat of Essie - Mint Apple Candy on my tips so the nail line didn't show through.

This polish is so beautiful, with all kinds of glitter in it :)

OMG... I... DIE...
I put a one thin coat of Nabi - Burnt Umber underneath to get it more opaque, I had a little problem with getting the big glitters but with a little patience I made it happen :)

This one is definitely my favorite!!

Oh and if you go to her store
use the code CUPCAKE to get 15% off your order.

These are the awesome skulls she sent me
and will get their own blog post!

Thank you so much Laura!!


  1. Really nice polishes! Love the circle glitters in them :)

  2. I like the skull bottles!

  3. Yeaaah, those skull-shaped bottles rock, haha :-)

  4. Tanya is pretty & I love the base you chose under it.

  5. That second color is amazing! And I love those skulls too!

    1. It's even more stunning in person!! I am so happy with my skulls.

  6. Hello, you have a new follower via the hobby polish bloggers facebook page :)

    Lovely swatches, love the skulls!