Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Long weekend..

Just watched the last episode of Doctor Who!! Phew, Moffat is an Evil Genius!!!

I went to Reykjavik over the weekend with my family. I bought three polishes from the Make Up Store, they had many offers and discounts to celebrate that the song from Iceland made it to the finals in Eurovision.
They had buy two get one three on their nail polishes and I walked out with three :)
Not quite the right colors showing..

The colors are closer to being correct on this pic but still not quite.

They name their polishes women's names and when I saw a polish with my name on it I got more excited than I care to admit. 
Elin - Glossy watermelon red, this is the perfect color with my name on it ;)
Charmaine - Blue/green shimmer. Make Up Store writes on the bottles if the polishes are glossy, shimmer, holographic or another and on this it says shimmer but it reminds me more of a holo, haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping it turns out holographic.
Paula - Glossy emerald green, I tried this one and it stained my nails a bit..

I also bought the infamous Burt's Bees cuticle cream and so far I'm liking it.

The Eurovision song contest turned in to a snoring contest when my family (except me) all slept through the show in front of the TV. No fun in them -.-

And yesterday at work I boldly exclaimed that winter was finally over and summer beginning and what happened then?? 
This happened:
It started to hail! 

Okay enough for now.


  1. Really nice colors you picked up :)

  2. Pretty polishes! It'll be great to see than on you!
    And don't exclaim the that the winter is over again ;) We don't want more snow or hail ;)

    1. I won't make that mistake again! No more exclamaing ;)

  3. Nice polishes. And uhm... hail? Dear lord... I've had enough of this weather :-(

    1. Thank you :) Me too, summer has to be extra good to make up for the crazy winter.

  4. Lol! The weather is all sorts of crazy this year. And Charmaine looks promising! Can't wait to see it on the nail. :)