Thursday, April 11, 2013

Feeding the Nail Polish Monster with Cult Nails!!

I love nail polish!! 
So much it has become an obsession.
I try to restrain myself from buying every kind of nail polish I see and more than not it works, but sometimes I let myself feed The Polish Monster.
There are limited brands you can get where I live, you don't get China Glaze, Color Club, Misa or Essie polishes here in Iceland and many other indie or big brands either, so if you want them you have to look for sites on the internet or ebay to get them and even then most sites won't ship to Iceland.
I've had my eyes on Cult Nails for a long time, reading about them on blogs and drooling over their site, so I decided to e-mail them and ask if it was possible for them to ship to Iceland and the answer I got was: 

We have not shipped to Iceland before, but I have added this to the locations we now ship to.  

YAY for Cult Nails!!!
I decided that this would be The Polish Monsters monthly offering.
So I made a purchase with them and after 8 days I got my package :)

Everything looked so nice and neat when I opened it!!

Love how well they packaged the polish!

Captivated - Charlatan - Deal With It
These pictures don't get the colors quite right...

Captivated is the red with coral/orange and irridescent round glitter in it, it's almost like it's on fire!!!
Charlatan is technically a top coat, its pink/blue/purple shimmer, you put it over any polish and it will transform your nails into shimmery sparkliness (that must be a valid description).
Deal With It (my favorite) is lime green with golden shimmer in it, so bright and fun!!

Kudos to Cult Nails who ship WORLDWIDE!!

It started snowing yesterday, I'm in denial about it. I don't see why summer can't begin!!
So my summer starts.... NOW!!!

Ég ákvað að panta mér naglalökk af netinu frá litlu fyrir tæki sem heitir Cult Nails
Dansaði af kæti útúr póstinum og fór og reif upp pakkann þegar ég kom heim!
Ég þurfti á þessu að halda því ég er ennþá sár við veðurguðina sem komu með snjóinn í gær...

Bought with my own money. Not sponsored.


  1. Cute polishes! I would love to see them on the nails.

    And yes, please enter summer already! lol :-)

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog I am now following your blog.

    They are lovely colours esp Charlatan x

    1. Thank you too for following me, I love to read your blog :)
      Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.