Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Funky Christmas Trees?

Finally I've got time to do some blogging :) School's over until January and work has taken it's place.
All my attention and free time went into school so I haven't been doing any nail art for a while now, my nails and cuticles are not in the best shape ever but I decided to post this manicure anyway.
Some of the photos are taken under a lamp and some in daylight.... or almost daylight, the days are getting shorter and shorter, now we only have a couple of hours of daylight, it's really tricky to take decent photographs.

Polishes used:
Kleancolor - True Purple
Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Teal
Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Candy
Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Clover
Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Fuchsia
Kleancolor - Chunky Holo Black

As you can see the colors vary from photo to photo, tricky business.

I'll be spending Christmas and New Years in Sweden, I'm leaving in a few days and I'm sooo excited.
I went last year also and had a really good time. The nail polish hoarder in me is squeeing with delight, new polishes, new polishes!!!
Last time I saw a lot of OPI's, Essie's and Isadora's but what other polish brands can I find there?? And where??
Can I find Seche Vite in Sweden?? 
Please let me know so I know where to look ;)

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  1. Nice color combo, love the glitter shifting on top of the purple :D

    1. Thank you! I had this idea for a while, just not sure what color to use underneath the glitter holos, I finally chose this purple and I'm quite happy with the outcome :)