Friday, December 27, 2013

Candy Stripes

Hope Christmas has been good to everyone, I got many wonderful things, my brother gave me a card game called Cards Against Humanity which is hilarious and a little nasty, full of black humor and satire.
After we ate and opened up our presents we decided to watch zombie movies, we watched Dawn of the Dead and World War Z which is pretty good and Peter Capaldi the new Doctor in Doctor Who played a Doctor for the W.H.O. institute in the WWZ movie, coincidence?? I don't think so!
Can't wait to see more of Capaldi in Doctor Who, unfortunately the new season starts next fall...
I can't wait that long!!
And last night we watched Zombieland, it's always fun ;)

I got lucky and found some Essie polishes on sale in Ahléns.

 I bought Rock The Boat which is a pale blue polish, Naughty Nautical is teal and Madison Ave-hue is a hot pink one, they all have a subtle silver shimmer, that's what drew me to them ;) 

 I'm not quite happy how the pictures came out, not a lot of natural light to work with so I used the kitchen light but that made my skin look some kind of reddish-brown, but at least the manicure is pretty decent :)

Polishes used:
Essie - Naughty Nautical
Essie - Rock The Boat

Don't they look yummy?

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  1. I like this manicure! Pretty! Do you have Åhléns in Iceland?? I didn't know this :D

    1. Thank you!! No there is no Aléns on Iceland, I'm still in Sweden hunting the sales ;)

  2. This looks super cute, I love the colors you used!