Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Color Skittle

I'm a little behind on replying to the comments I get on my blog but I just wanted to let you know that it will happen sometime ;) But I read every one of them and they all make me happy so keep on commenting.

This is one of my favorite nail art to do, pick two or three colors and then just mix and mach.

Polishes used:
KleanColor - Concrete Gray
KleanColor - Jasmine Night

This one is the most color accurate, leans more towards green than shows on the pics.

 And here is an extra one showing my cat Lakkr√≠s being very helpful, my hand looks tiny compared to his head. He loves to distract me when I'm taking pictures, comes all cuddly and cute, purring while he rubs his face on my hands ;) Love that rascal!!

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  1. I loved this manicure, the colors and design and everything, I'll definitely make something similar in the future! :D And I loved the pic with your cat, he looks like a large puma or something. And his name seems fun, I guess that it's licorice but in icelandic?
    I also know about the comments, sometime there isn't just time.. :)

  2. I love those two colors together! I especially love the dots :)