Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stitched Halloween Nails

Even though we don't celebrate Halloween here in Iceland I decided I wanted to do some Halloween nail art, I did two looks, the first one is this and I'll post the second one tomorrow.

So happy Halloween for those who celebrate it!!
I followed a tutorial by HannahRoxNails which you can find here!

I'm not 100% satisfied with this but I'm still happy how it came out.
There are many smears and bubbles that somehow slithered in there...
Also the lighting is kinda wonky..

Polishes used:
Alessandro - Ice Cream Bar Lime - Vanilla
Alessandro unknown purple
E.L.F. - Party Peach
Alessandro - Midnight Black

My friend colored my hair yesterday and I'm really happy with the outcome, so I decided to overcome the phobia of posting a picture of myself (other than my nails ;) ) and show you how it looks like.
And the quality of the picture is crap.

Okay that's everything for today, now I'll go brood over the increasing amount of snow that is falling at the moment, I'll have to swim my way out of the house tomorrow...

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