Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Peachy nails.

So it's back to school tomorrow, I have mixed feelings about that, mostly because I have difficulty with waking up really early and it makes me super cranky. Back to school also means that winter is coming, it's already getting colder and more darker by the day.
But it's also fun at school, I'm learning something I really like and I enjoy doing, it's just sometimes when you wake up early in the morning and it's dark and cold outside you forget why you're doing this and you think, screw it, I'm going back to bed, most days I can fight this off and drag myself to school but there comes the occasional day when you just don't wanna.

But enough about that.

I tried first to make this manicure a nice smooth gradient but the colors where too similar so you couldn't see the gradient that well, so I did a different gradient.

Polishes used:
Butter London - Trout Pout
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Coral Reef
Essie - Peach Daiquiri

Oh and the cats say hi... or meow...


  1. Gorgeous :) Love peachy colors too.

  2. I love the peachy colors in your gradient! By the way, I just nominated you for the Blog Your Heart Out award!

  3. cool, I really liked the colors together! :D

  4. i soo want butter london trout pout!

  5. Wow, this is the second comment I answer on this post about being nominated for an award, thank you so much Lisa :) I'm honored.