Thursday, January 30, 2014

My First Stamping!

I bought my first stamping set a while ago on sale, the Basic set from MoYou, I've been playing around with it with various results but I think this is the first one that looks presentable ;)

And there have been some pretty exciting things been happening at my Facebook Page because of the ShareTheLove movement, on January 19th I went from 199 likes to 1000 likes, January 23rd I had 2000 likes and today I reached 3000 likes!!!! This is amazing!!

But on to the manicure.
First I did a gradient using OPI's DS polishes and then stamped over it.

Polishes used:
OPI - DS Reflection
OPI - DS Extravagance
MoYou special stamping polish - Black
MoYou stamping plate no. N20

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  1. Great job on it! It looks nice for your first try at it :)

  2. This looks great and congrats for all the likes, that's huge! :D

  3. Great job! I have had stamps for a while and am still having issue with them

    1. Thank you!! This is a love/hate relationship, it's hard work and people have been telling me it gets easier with practice, so I'm hoping that's right ;)

  4. Fantastic for your first attempt - really well done.

    And wow! Fantastic to get so many new likes. I got about 200, but 3000?!