Friday, March 29, 2013

Leopard Nails

I'm a little obsessed with painting my nails, it relaxes me when I'm stressed and takes my mind of my worries. 

I always have a orange stick ready whenever I'm painting my nails to swipe off any mistakes that might happen right away and without thinking I go and wipe of the stick on my fingers -.- hence the mess you see so painstakingly clearly..

Pink - Alessandro Ice cream bar scented Strawberry-Mint
Green - Alessandro Ice cream bar scented Lime-Vanilla
Purple - Alessandro also but I can't see the name..

I'm a little sceptical towards these scented nail polishes, I always thought that the fumes from polishes weren't good for you so why make it smell nice?? So you get high from nail polish fumes?? :p
But I find that these from Alessandro do have a nicer smell than many other scented polishes I've tried and your nails smell nice for a while after the chemical smell is gone.

I've been struggling with my nails, they brake and peel very easily. I've tried many strengtheners but nothing seems to work. So I'm open for suggestions, what do you use on your nails and how has it worked out for you??


  1. Ohh scented?!?! I have never tried a scented polish that wasn't non-toxic (which seems to always peel off in sheets...).

    My nails peel and chip like crazy...I've heard that using cuticle oil and not picking at your nail beds can help but I haven't tried. I used to allow myself to pick off nail polish to manage anxiety and now it's proving a hard habit to break lol.

    1. I often do that too, pick my polish off. I tend to "accidentally" forget to use cuticle oil, so maybe that is the problem :/

  2. the vanilla one must smell soo lovely! yes and cuticle oil, cuticle cream (for example burts and bees) and cuticle removers are good! i love leopard print!

    1. Its smells really nice :) Thanks for the advice, I have to look at Burts bees, somehow I always walk past them, next time I'll stop and see what they have.